oreign trade comprehensive services introduction

oreign trade comprehensive services introduction

Provide enterprises with one-stop foreign trade services including customs clearance, commodity inspection, logistics, settlement, insurance, financing, training, exhibition services, finance and tax specification as well as others.

Import and export services

The only- agent export service (2 + N), including custom declaration, settlement business, issuing "export agency certificate"for clients to claim tax reimbursement.

tax rebate agent services (3 + N), including custom clearance, settlement, charged affairs refund business. Tax refund can be returned to customers within 3 business days with complete information to help companies speed up the cash flow.

Self operating export services, which is mainly for companies without import and export rights, without a import and export registration record to help enterprises to develop international markets and increase their income.

Gel network platform service

Fast customs clearance:experienced in the practice of import and export customs clearance,capable of providing customers with fast customs clearance,assisting with import and export approval documents, import and export inspection and quarantine, full insurance, certificate application and other services at all ports around China.

International Logistics: Dedicated to global merchant logistics services, aiming to develop and build "a professional, efficient and economical enterprise international logistics service platform" as the core, and in the principle of " customer satisfaction comes first " to promote services with "specialization, precision, User-friendly "excellent logistics services.

Settlement of Foreign Exchange: Due to the good relations with major commercial banks, we enable to provide clients with foreign exchange settlement services in various ways such as T / T, L / C, D / P, D / A and O / A.It only takes one day to convert settlement into Renminbi for customers and provides a variety of quick channels of recouping funds.

Tax Refund Financing Service:For export enterprises that have completed the export of goods and collection of foreign exchange under the State Tax Rebate Inventory before the export tax rebate payment due, enabling the enterprises to obtain funds in advance and speed up the circulation of funds. No additional guarantee, reduce customer funds pressure.

Financial service

Letter of credit packaging: To solve seller s’ problems of getting short-term loans t o meet the need of financing to pay for the procurement, production, transport of goods and other financial before goods shipment. Eligible financing clients can get 50% of the purchase price can be provided.

Bill purchased: It is short-term financing service for enterprises which has a complete and verified set of documents as a pledge to verify the documents that pay the equal amount according to the face value to the companies and then to claim reimbursement from the bank by sending all the documents with a documentary bill interest and bank service fee and a retained recourse.

L / C Outright Purchase: It is a financial service that provides non-recourse discount cash toward the usance L / C and deferred payment L/C which allows exporters to obtain cash in advance. It offers more attractive terms of forward payment for importers and increase trade opportunities and enhance their competitiveness;

Open Account financing:: also known as O / A financing, It is to provide companies insured with credit insurance for domestic and export trading by China Export Insurance Company or its other recognized insurance companies with financing services by the proof of the trade documents, credit insurance vouchers, compensation Transfer agreement, etc. The maximum amount of financing provided to our clients after the delivery of the documents is 80% of the compensation limit of CITIC Insurance.

Order financing: For Companies that can provide valid trade orders and agree to use the expected receipt of payment as the first source of repayment, we offer international trading financing service for cost on raw materials procurement,production and logistics under the order before export shipment. For customers who meet the financing conditions , they can receive a loan equals to 50% of the purchase price provided by our company before goods delivery.

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