Tyre Business

Product Category

Semi-steel tire:WP15,WP16,WR01,WV11,IS68,WD69,WH18,WM81,WL15 and other with various tread patterns.

All-steel tire:BT118,BT168,BT168A,BT188,BT212,BT688 a like with various tread patterns.

Engineer tire:GCA1,GCA2,GCA3,GCA5,GCA7,GCA6,GCA8,GCB1 with various tread patterns.

Mainly run Wanda Baotong with major brands like BOTO, WINDA, WINGOOD

All products have obtained major certifications of 3C compulsory certification, ISO9001, the United States DOT, European ECE, the Gulf GCC, Brazil INMETRO certification and exported to more than 100 countries and regions including the United States, Europe and Africa. In addition to Wanda Bao Tong, others factory brands like Huasheng, Haida,Prudential are also available upon request. Different cooperation platforms have been established for suppliers in need of different products at high, medium and low level; further strengthen strategic cooperation management and conduct in-depth study on different needs by customers, expand business cooperation scope from single-size tire procurement to full-scale and multi-product cooperation in tires for passenger cars, passenger tires and engineering tires,also extend the cooperation to after-market products including the hub, inner tube cushions and other automotive products .

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