Oil category

Oil trade category

Crude oil, base oil, fuel oil and cutback asphalt.

II. Oil trade category

The oil trade category falls on several directions: internal sales, supply chain business and external supply.

Supplied to:Wanda Tianhong Chemistry

Supply content:Procure and supply base oil which conforms to the standards of internal refinery.

Supply chain business

Supplied to:Those companies which suffer fund shortage but are with real trading record and controllable risk.

Supply content:If the assessment of oil trade of Party B (tray object) is completed and the risk is under control, we will sign oil purchase and sales contract with related parties in the oil trade to make or receive the payment on behalf of others. We will charge Party B a certain amount of agency commission and fund occupying fee.

Business category: PO procurement financing、warehouse warrant collateral financing、 financing on issuing letter of credit on behalf of the issuer

External supply:

Supplied to: Refineries, oil trade companies, etc.

Supply content:Procure the oil which conforms to the standard of the customers.

Business display

Chemical category

Business variety

C-4,propylene, aromatics and other chemicals

Business type

The coal business is mainly divided into the following directions: internal supply, supply chain business, external sales and internal supply business

Internal supply business

Provide target:Co - Ruhr Chemical, Wintter Chemical

Provide target:The chemicals should be accordance with the internal requirements of the company

Supply chain business

Business object:Domestic companies without import rights

Business content:Our company is responsible for issuing the certificate and collect the opening charge. Meanwhile, we control the ownership of goods and collect the deposit.

External sales

Sales object:The company and traders of chemical products .。

Sales content:We purchase,transport and supply the chemicals in line with the requirements of the company indepently.

Business display

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